Saturday, January 25, 2014

Don't Whine, Just Dine ..... The Development of the Pickle Omelette

Do you ever catch yourself whining about what you could not do or eat?

Oops, I was almost in that place yesterday.   I have lost my taste buds due to certain medications for an ongoing lung issues, asthma meds and medical procedures.   The loss may be permanent or temporary.  I do not know, but I know I can only taste salt if I ate by the double teaspoon (not heart healthy), vinegar, or honey.  I can still smell onions, garlic etc but the taste is just a texture taste with no flavor.  I have begun to be dangerously thin so I must up the healthy calories. (Don't hate me, my health issues, especially the lungs eat up the calories) So yesterday I thought about doing a pickle rinse with the pickle juice before I ate to make things taste again!

It helped a little but this morning I pushed the culinary envelope and made a pickle omelette!

  1. Two duck eggs with about 2 tsps of pickle juice (whisked), 1 tbsp of real butter in the omellette pan
  2. filled with kale from last nights stir fry (about 4 TBSP)
  3. about 1/8 cup of country cheddar, accompanied by our homemade pickles
  4. seasoned lightly with ground white pepper 
  5. Cook as traditional omelette but garnish with smiley faces on omelette and plate!

I could taste it, it was pickly and deliciously pickly...  LOL.   I will move from my 105 to a minimum of 112 eating healthy food, full of protein and with the Lord's help maintain the weight.  So I will be a great contender in the light weight division.  It is getting increasingly hard to find childrens size 12 pants that are long enough in the legs to be anywhere near the ankles (LOL)

Morals of the true story!   USE YOUR IMAGINATION!  Pray, Trust and believe.   You can find some answers.    And who knows.  This may be the beginning of a whole new career for me.  Instead of the bunny lady or the goat lady or the chicken lady, maybe I should be the Pickle lady!   Have a blessed day!     PS Yes, I spelled omelette incorrectly....It was in France so many decades ago, I ate my first Omelette and that is why!