Sunday, August 30, 2015

Going Apes for grapes! Is it a Muscadine or is it a Scuppernong Grape? Learning on The Garry Farm

Bowl of Bronze Scuppernongs from The Garry Farm

Going "apes for grapes" and with grapes on my mind wanted to "blog it".
Are you one of millions who believe that if that Southern grape that starts coming out in August and September is determined by color of the grape. Do you believe the following (true or false statement)"

Up until yesterday, I thought "true", but "surprise, surprise", T'aint exactly so....The search for knowledge about grapes came when I wondered how grapes were different colors and what that meant and after I stared at our small vineyard and wondered why colors did not mix!   So after  looking at our long rows of grapes I decide I wanted to learn more about grapes.   I felt like I was grape ignorant other than knowing I love to eat them.... So on to the search I went.

You are always safe to say every grape that is light in color a Scuppernong but you cannot call any Muscadine a Scuppernong. Why? A scuppernong is a type of Muscadine   So basically the lighter skinned grape has great, great, great, great etc. parentage from the darker colored grape.   It will breed "true" for color of skin as the modification began early 1600's and so Scuppernongs are neither hybrid or cultivar.

                Muscadines on the vine....See how they ripen at different times!

Now that you have been by the Farmers Market in your area.... Ours is Cotton Mill Farmers Market, it's time to get those grapes.   Buy plenty because they freeze very well in plastic bags unwashed (those skins help prevent frost burn and remember to use a straw to get the last bit of air from the freezer bag!)  In your freezer at the right temp they will last up to a year.   Try to buy them grown with NO chemicals. Be sure to ask, because grapes are one of many HIGH RiSK fruits that pass that chemical quickly to you!
                           The Garry Farm Scuppernongs Ripen on The Vine

How to Use
  1. Rinse and eat and spit out the seed. Skin is edible, flavorful/vitamin full
  2. Make a pie of pulps - very easy
  3. Make the grape cake - I haven't done that yet but I'm tempted
  4. Wonderful for a saute when you like to cook special, You can do it! 
  5. Smoothy them and add frozen bananas and yogurt or whatever you like!
  6. One of my favorites - Juicing them The Garry Farm Juices Grapes
Be ready to laugh at UTUBE as I was taking the video with  the phone camera tucked under my neck made it in Jan 2015....  

Yes we have grapes for about the next month or so...Have a blessed day.  Hope you learned a little and are thinking of that Southern mystery of wonderful grapes, fresh and delicious and truly local!  LITLA