Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Garry Farm Grows Faith.............and more

Spring and the nearness of God is in the air for me.  It's a wonderful day as it was yesterday and shall be tomorrow! Jacque is headed to market and last time he can use our little car - wagon.  I am at home doing scheduling of eggs and bunny pickups and burning my breakfast, but that's another BLOG, LOL. Thanks be to God and all our farm helpers, produce is bustling. And next week we need a trailer!

Who would believe two flats of strawberries TODAY after all our freezing weather? Counting that as a miracle.  For you non farmers, I would have been on my knees even just grateful for 1/4 of the strawberries to have survived the winter.  Instead, I see maybe 1 plant missing in 20?  Thank you Lord.  When temps get as Low as they did in Georgia even with row crops or covers, to me the game is up.  Meaning, totally up to God totally.  Man cannot make what God can provide .

And the field that was wall to wall last year where I practiced strawberry yoga, tippy toeing between the plants, is getting perfect for a back up picking and we did NOT Cover that one at all. NOW that is the 100% cannot argue with me Miracle as it was next to all the covered plants and those rootings survived minus 2 degrees Fahrenheit!!!! Where we 100% trusted in God to provide, He most certainly did and more abundantly than what we did ourselves! The old plants died away and now we have new plants with blossoms ready to set in a few weeks for fruit.  I don't know how atheist can farm.   I'm not trying to be superior or set myself up for a bunch of negativity.  But I could never even watch a farm or definitely be part of a farm if I had no faith and if I was not surrounded by a Man and people of faith. Every time I hold a newborn baby chick - Faith and Hope and Belief and Love....I feel it.

The floods, the droughts, the unrelenting cold temps crushing on us, the predators, frailty of seed, last minute squash beetles, bee swarms, tragic animal deaths and destruction by predators or natural disasters and more.   I have really come to believe now that the Garry Farm grows a Lot More than fruit, vegetables, eggs, milk, bunnies, etc.   The Garry Farm grows Faith and Hope and Belief and Love and Spritual Molding.   At least it does for me and for that I am eternally grateful. And all of that is Losses seem as a distant memory when I walk through the tall grass and weeds in the front and back yard, dreading the sneaky snake, just to see a little bee bringing in early pollen to go back to his Queen.  Eternal Optimism is now added to the list of what The Garry Farm brings to me !

Lord, thank you for the teaching and blessings you give me here at the farm.  May I please find a way to share it with the world or at least the part of the world YOU choose. Every moment Lord I am grateful for the Life you give me.  Even those really hard Molding and Learning moments because it is in those that I know you the best.  That I feel your presence 100% and I am most aware that all Good is this world is from You and of You and that I am dependent upon your tender Mercies. May I never fail to give YOU the Glory as nothing I ever do that is worthwhile is of ME, it is of You.   May I always set my eyes upon you. And dearest Lord, I thank you for Spring and our Farm.  Where flowers I didn't plant grow around the farm and even weeds, like me, take on a Crown of Glory of yellow in nature as the bees circle around them.

I am so tearfully grateful of all Blessings about here and may I never fail to acknowledge them as yours and share them!