Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why we cook in bulk?

It's as easy to cook chili for 10 as chili for 2...Besides when I cook for 10 to 12, it only lasts two meals.My husband expends over 10,000 calories in a regular day.....That's a lot of food needs, especially since he doesn't eat much bread or desert.So what's for dinner tonight.

Cottage pie, with layers of potatoes, spinach and kale and 3 kinds of homemade cheeses.  (cooked 8 pounds of potatoes the other day, this will give us enough extras.)

Apple pie - making 2 will freeze 1 for later.....apples from the farm frozen over the winter....yum..... Then some tapioca blueberry pudding with our homegrown blueberries and fresh milk...yum...refrigerator rolls and open a homecanned green beans, serve with pickled beets and some home canned pears....It will be soooo good!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wonderful semirestful Tuesday...Farm waits for more babies!

Jacque and I lazied out this afternoon...We ate lunch at a lovely Bowdon Mexican, Loco Mex restaurant, mailed some hatching egg boxes and came home and watched a few movies....The rest was so needed.    A mini vacation.  The sun is so bright this afternoon, it seems to be blinding...I think it's because this morning was so dreary and almost foggish.....A London kind of morning...  Well, I'm looking forward to the next few days....

In anticipation of the birth of buckling? and/or doeling...According to the calendar of "exposure, confirmed by blood tests", the Milk Goat mother should be due anytime in the next 5 days.   When I'm in the Labor and Delivery room, I feel so inadequate.   It's so important to "model" calm and sometimes that's hard.  Most of our goats are pacers when they are in labor and if in extreme pain they paw at the ground... We want to be there at the birth to help the mothers but we want mother to take the lead...Of course the baby's bed is ready by the wood fireplace so we can build a fire if the baby is too cold or wet.  I think it will be a single birth, but that remains to be seen.  She's a first time goat mother and I'm praying all will go well.

Our little boy chocolate buckling born to Lexus and Romeo has been outside for 3 days and 2 nights...I miss him in the house.....Giving his little cry that he needs attention or milk..... Well, it's time for the afternoon chores.   Life keeps on going - no rest for the balance of the day!  But life is good and God is good and that's good enough for me!)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10 - a day of ups and down!

A cool moist rain enveloped morning chores, making this a challenging morning for chores...But my heart beat with excitement as I approached the rabbits pens...Our White New Zealand mother, huge with child could not be found as she literally had white fur flying all around her.   She was desperate to build that nest...For five days now I've been bringing hay and she just put a thin layer in her nest box and it turned cold and she knew it was not enough. I ran to get her more hay and she was literally in the nest having babies, too a break turned around and grabbed that hay stacked by the nest.. Made the nest as she was having the babies and cleaning them up....Snow White Is just the epitome of a great mom...We think she had 12 babies ....Tomorrow I'll try to quickly count with my fingers, not my eyes!!!

Shana, our rescue bunny had I think 4 or 5....She's is so cute,,, it hit her all of the sudden that babies were due and she was a last minute builder but took about 1/2 her fur off!!!  

Isn't it just miraculous how God made the mother rabbits with built in messages on how to make a nest and that it's always just right for the weather...Those little bunnies are born with no fur.

I think we have 2 mini rex and 2 rex that will  give birth tomorro or the next day.. It has been a rough bunny season with all our changes in weather...I can almost forecast the weather by the depth of their nests and ho much fur was pulled.  Looks like a few cold days are coming up!!! So spoke the Mother Rabbits nest boxes.

Had 4 shots in my ankle to try to break the cycle of tarsal tunnel syndrome.  Let's hope it works...One managed to numb my leg and foot...Apparently I have foot arthritis...Ah the ravages of working and walking a lot, but I will not stop! Bionic feet are out there....I had one of the first surgeries for implants in my feet about 12 years ago for bunions and apparently I have no needed fluid between the bones especially in the surgery area...

Well enough of all that, I made huge chocolate chip cookies for Jacque, he needs the weight and now at almost 9:00 pm it's time to begin to rest!

Here's my favorite photo of me with 3 of our mini Lop's babies - Nea Nea, named after my good author friend Renea Winchester.

Keep your eyes open for everyday miracles and wonders.   God has placed them all around us! Have a blessed time and Remember the Past is History, Today is a Present and Tomorrow is a Promise...So live, love, hug, pray and praise today!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Joy in the Morning!!!!

Today a beautiful Chocolate purebred Lamancha baby boy was born!!! to the Garry Farm and to the mother named Lexus from Autumn Eidson's wonderful goat farm, Raven's Haven and to the father named Romeo (one of the boys from her farm!!!! Beautiful boy. Healthy A big praise and shout out to the Lord!!!

Thanks you Lord for this beautiful new boy!  Amen!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Foster mothers located for Bluesie's babies & memories of Bluesie

Some of you know that yesterday was another heartbreaking day for Farmer Nancy...A tiny 2 1/2 pound Netherland Dwarf Doe, color was blue with beautiful eyes, left our farm for bunny heaveb... Her name was Bluesie and her charm was extensive.  She came to us in Spring 2010 as a farm to farm exchange farm from friends in Alabama.  They left with a treasured Blue Copper trio and several Black Copper and blue copper Marans babies and Nancy got to play with two white netherland girls, one black otter girl, one blue netherland girl and one chestnut boy otter and one white Netherland boy.  This was my First experience with the little ones.   I would often bring the babies into the living room to scamper over me while we began to wind down for the evening.   Bluesie never really ran far away. She preferred to tuck herself under my shoulder length hair and lean her head against my head and she was so content, nusling in to warm her tiny body by neck and in my hair.

Being farmers we know that we are caregivers of our animals only for a short while, as many are rehomed and some will also die too young for our wishes....   Bluesie had given the Farm 2 litters of beautiful, healthy babies. Yesterday, I was concerned as she seemed very slow and sluggish.   Her first set of babies was born Late Dec. 2010 and the second just 12 days ago... I lifted her and knew she was in trouble.  Her normal petite self was thinner than normal. 

As Jacque and I dashed to try to save her life, it soon became apparent to me that it was too late for live saving measures and I held her throughout the day and rocked her, petted her, told her how very much we loved her and we were so happy we had kept her lookalike daughter born in December.  Then, she died in my arms at 3:55 pm.   I had remained on watch all day and still her death struck me into a fury of tears. 

At exactly the time of her death, a prescheduled visitor to the farm named Beth was so super sweet and nice because I was so distracted, I could not focus on the animals I was trying to show her!  The farm with it's 500 animals last night seemed oddly empty.  There was no tiny Bluesie jumping off the top of her nest box to come and see me and there would not be again.   Her daughter at 3 months old was larger than her mother had ever been. Although very affectionate.  She had never traveled to my shoulder and nested in my hair and falled asleep there as content as any bunny has ever been.

I'm pleased to say that all of Bluesie's babies inside the nest of three other mothers, one is located with Nea Nea (our petit mini lop), another with Ola, the Black Otter, and two With Chinup or Chinchilla rabbit.   All mothers looked at me when I checked on the babies, like I didn't birth that baby, but all have accepted their foster children but I imagine they will be rather amazed to see the size of them when they jump out in the pen in a few days with their eyes opened!!!! We are grateful to the foster mothers and their willingness to help.

As this is the time for much bunny buying, I write this story only to say Love your Bunny, Take good care of her or him.  You may have them for 10 years, 1 year, I don't know, but what I do is that they will carve a place in your hard or perhaps your shoulder that nothing or no one else will ever hold.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March has begun....

What's the expression --- in like a lion and out like a lamb....Yesterday we had high winds but no damage for which I was very very grateful...

So much is going on....About to set 3 dozen duck eggs for an Easter time hatch....  I'll probably set some now and then another bunch later.....I do  love our pekin ducks....So cute and active! Here are some duck photos!

Been another superbusy few days of sending eggs out in boxes to hatch all around the country!!!  It takes a really long time to wrap but it's all good...

Garden being tilled/weeded/Jacque is the main one, as a migraine has me hiding in the darkest part of the house...  I figure that I get migraines now because my brain waves are trying to find other unoccupied brain waves...

OOOOOhhhh...Big news 2 laying pumpkin hulsey hens have now joined the fun....Thank you Jonathan!  They are so happy that they laid an egg en route!!!!   Yes, I'm grabbing it for the incubator...For a small bird, it's a large egg!  The boys are soo pretty - very bright orange....but not all boys are that color!    They are from famous greenfire fams in Fla!  via JB in NC!