Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wonderful semirestful Tuesday...Farm waits for more babies!

Jacque and I lazied out this afternoon...We ate lunch at a lovely Bowdon Mexican, Loco Mex restaurant, mailed some hatching egg boxes and came home and watched a few movies....The rest was so needed.    A mini vacation.  The sun is so bright this afternoon, it seems to be blinding...I think it's because this morning was so dreary and almost foggish.....A London kind of morning...  Well, I'm looking forward to the next few days....

In anticipation of the birth of buckling? and/or doeling...According to the calendar of "exposure, confirmed by blood tests", the Milk Goat mother should be due anytime in the next 5 days.   When I'm in the Labor and Delivery room, I feel so inadequate.   It's so important to "model" calm and sometimes that's hard.  Most of our goats are pacers when they are in labor and if in extreme pain they paw at the ground... We want to be there at the birth to help the mothers but we want mother to take the lead...Of course the baby's bed is ready by the wood fireplace so we can build a fire if the baby is too cold or wet.  I think it will be a single birth, but that remains to be seen.  She's a first time goat mother and I'm praying all will go well.

Our little boy chocolate buckling born to Lexus and Romeo has been outside for 3 days and 2 nights...I miss him in the house.....Giving his little cry that he needs attention or milk..... Well, it's time for the afternoon chores.   Life keeps on going - no rest for the balance of the day!  But life is good and God is good and that's good enough for me!)