Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10 - a day of ups and down!

A cool moist rain enveloped morning chores, making this a challenging morning for chores...But my heart beat with excitement as I approached the rabbits pens...Our White New Zealand mother, huge with child could not be found as she literally had white fur flying all around her.   She was desperate to build that nest...For five days now I've been bringing hay and she just put a thin layer in her nest box and it turned cold and she knew it was not enough. I ran to get her more hay and she was literally in the nest having babies, too a break turned around and grabbed that hay stacked by the nest.. Made the nest as she was having the babies and cleaning them up....Snow White Is just the epitome of a great mom...We think she had 12 babies ....Tomorrow I'll try to quickly count with my fingers, not my eyes!!!

Shana, our rescue bunny had I think 4 or 5....She's is so cute,,, it hit her all of the sudden that babies were due and she was a last minute builder but took about 1/2 her fur off!!!  

Isn't it just miraculous how God made the mother rabbits with built in messages on how to make a nest and that it's always just right for the weather...Those little bunnies are born with no fur.

I think we have 2 mini rex and 2 rex that will  give birth tomorro or the next day.. It has been a rough bunny season with all our changes in weather...I can almost forecast the weather by the depth of their nests and ho much fur was pulled.  Looks like a few cold days are coming up!!! So spoke the Mother Rabbits nest boxes.

Had 4 shots in my ankle to try to break the cycle of tarsal tunnel syndrome.  Let's hope it works...One managed to numb my leg and foot...Apparently I have foot arthritis...Ah the ravages of working and walking a lot, but I will not stop! Bionic feet are out there....I had one of the first surgeries for implants in my feet about 12 years ago for bunions and apparently I have no needed fluid between the bones especially in the surgery area...

Well enough of all that, I made huge chocolate chip cookies for Jacque, he needs the weight and now at almost 9:00 pm it's time to begin to rest!

Here's my favorite photo of me with 3 of our mini Lop's babies - Nea Nea, named after my good author friend Renea Winchester.

Keep your eyes open for everyday miracles and wonders.   God has placed them all around us! Have a blessed time and Remember the Past is History, Today is a Present and Tomorrow is a Promise...So live, love, hug, pray and praise today!