Sunday, January 18, 2015

"Romeo, Romeo whereforth art thou Romeo?????"

This eloquent phrase first crafted by William Shakespeare so many years ago in that wonderful Romeo and Juliet work, Act II, Scene II. Most think of humans......

In our little farm, the image that comes to mind is our Romeo is a gorgeous Lamancha buck bought as a baby buckling from a dear friend Autumn, from Raven's Haven, winner of so many goat awards!  My human Romeo (Jacque), also my husband, wanted to get him for his great attitude and His coloring and diversification of Lamancha lines.!!!  We were blessed to get him and his offspring have been GORGEOUS!

Yesterday we went to sell at impromptu farmers market, and that pm, my human Romeo found our goat Romeo wandering around near his pen......   He was easy to bring back to his large pen, but my heart was beating being by him, because this is still mating season for milk goats and this Romeo smelled to "high heaven".  When someone says someone smells like an old goat, you really should smell a buck in heat to know what they are talking about.   AND if you are on a farm, anytime between say July and about March..... Back away from the male goats because you might get an unexpected happening and you will need two or maybe three showers and a change of clothing too!  I apparently had a coat on yesterday that I had visited our milk goats in and their scent drove Romeo wild! 

Last night I dreamed of Romeo the goat getting loose and running after me.  And today, on Sunday, a day of rest, this is what I saw.   Romeo in the front Yard while Hubby was trying to leave for a meeting.  Jacque secured Romeo (the goat) and walked him back to former Delawareville, now High fence residence to one Delaware rooster who wants to know what is this thing in HIS pen.  Promises to be an interesting afternoon.   Now, my dreams are not always predictive.  I am not Joseph the dream weaver.  I suppose one could say that I went to sleep and my subconscious played out its concerns.     Had Jacque been a little later in leaving for the meeting, perhaps I would have seen Romeo walking/running and in my trying to get him, he might have decided a game of chase would have been fun.....

Well for now, unless Romeo practices a super high jump, he is safely penned, although if he is really smart, there is a spot above the gate to his pen that he could back to the far end of the pen and jump over.   I think I'll just go sit by Romeo's pen until Hubby gets home.
There is one thing that life on a farm NEVER IS:   Boring........  

Friday, January 16, 2015

The farmer who gave His All for His farm!

Today, in 2015, it is time for a little education but also some levity and so we begin.....We are a thrifty farm and my husband lets me cut his hair and sometimes do a beard trim too!  For the price of an occasional new hair trimmer, about once every other year,  $17 to $20 on sale it is a savings of a lot of money and we can work in appointments really easily.  So I'm guessing yesterday saved about $26 plus gasoline and time.  Sometimes the hair salon doesn't want us to walk in as our shoes track soo much dirt! But more importantly I got to be creative and and I got the "locks" for an important project!!!
Now this was the top part of the hair that needed cutting....from the last real hair cut I did. I fell behind my hair cutting and he had to go to a pro shop.  So this time it was not quite as long or curly!  Here is a before shot on yesterday's cutting Chez Nancy Hair Salon

I like those curly but Hubby likes a #2 hair cut and that's short short short.  And he doesn't like moustaches to "sieve" the soup... So it was a hair cut and beard trim!  And because we were not trimming outside due to rain, I got HIS Hair for the compost pile!!!!   It will become dirt in probably a matter of weeks!!!! How cool is that!

This is his hair ready to go to compost......
So I guess you could say that our farm recycles and composts almost everything we can think of!!!!!  And here's a happy farmer with his New "do" and beard trim.....What an appreciative guy! So blessed....   All's well that ends well....  And don't forget to tend your compost pile.   You are making earth..... So much fun on the farm or even under your sink, just don't forget you have it there!!!!