Monday, July 13, 2015

Walk in my sandals if you can.............

I am so thrifty, truly truly, I am.   Years ago, I won some Clarks shoes as part of a survey group to evaluate advertisements for their shoes.   Loved the shoes and surely was delighted to get a free pair of their shoes. They were so comfortable, up until today.  I've slowly watched the shoes deteriorate over time and  knew that though they had lasted for years it would not be forever.  Today, 7/13 I experienced the total demise of these wonderful shoes.

Several things were funny to me.

My sandals were nearest the door and looked fine when I slid my feet in them. I was running late and usually cannot find matching shoes, so I think the angel with the sense of humor put my shoes together.   At first I was excited to find two shoes the same color and matched style.  You see when I get in the house I just kick off my shoes and they land in quite a haphazard fashion all over the mudroom.  These were near the door and I was on the way to some doc visits and I just slid my feet in them. First it looked like the heel on the right shoe was deteriorating more rapidly than the left shoe.   I wondered why?  In the car, I noticed the left shoe was more deteriorated than the right.   I was nonchalant about the deterioration of the pair of shoes because I always keep a pair of sandals in the car because often my first pair of shoes are uncomfortable if I'm end them a long time!

And then while walking into the ophthalmologist office, I noticed that the left shoe was totally disintegrating. Then, as I walked over to my Gastroenterologist office my right sandal was hanging on by a thread - most literally.

I thought to myself, " it's Monday..... My gastro office probably needs a smile or two!"  So I showed my sandals to the front desk on the way out and barely got a smile..... LOL....Maybe it was in my presentation. I have lost my silly Phyllis Diller style or maybe it really was Monday morning for all of the!  I used to be able to get people to laugh ALL the time.    Maybe all of them had had a really bad weekend.  Or maybe they were not allowed to laughed.  I did cue them that I wanted to show them something funny.  LOL  Ah well, good thing I wasn't going to make a living by being a comedienne.

Now, if someone had shown me these shoes and told me that they literally fell apart on the way into the office I would have just laughed until I cried.  Or maybe the ladies were waiting to laugh until I left the room. 

Would you have laughed?   I hope so......  Maybe I should have sung the Chorus to "walk a mile in my shoes" and inserted sandals for shoes...   LOL...........Please don't forget to smile and laugh folks....God did give us a sense of humor.... I am living proof......Have a blessed day.