Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why we cook in bulk?

It's as easy to cook chili for 10 as chili for 2...Besides when I cook for 10 to 12, it only lasts two meals.My husband expends over 10,000 calories in a regular day.....That's a lot of food needs, especially since he doesn't eat much bread or desert.So what's for dinner tonight.

Cottage pie, with layers of potatoes, spinach and kale and 3 kinds of homemade cheeses.  (cooked 8 pounds of potatoes the other day, this will give us enough extras.)

Apple pie - making 2 will freeze 1 for later.....apples from the farm frozen over the winter....yum..... Then some tapioca blueberry pudding with our homegrown blueberries and fresh milk...yum...refrigerator rolls and open a homecanned green beans, serve with pickled beets and some home canned pears....It will be soooo good!