Saturday, April 2, 2011

Easter is several weeks of sweet goodbyes

When we sell our pet bunnies, I really interview the people who want to buy them, but  they are really not aware of the interview process....I find out if they have ever had bunnies, what they know about bunnies, what their expectations are in terms of care, maintenance, and the long term commitment.  When I sense that it's a whim, just a spur of the moment decision, I explain that we have had bunnies live over 10 and 12 years, that this is a major commitment.

When I sense that there is no understanding of the care needed we review what a bunny needs to prosper,  I share handling and feeding techniques.  If I decide they are fully ready for the responsibility we proceed with the sale, but we do Not sell when the nursery is not ready for the baby bunny or if for any reason we feel that the bunny will be neglected or harmed in any way.

God gave dominion of the earth to Adam and Eve but with it I believe there is a responsibility to see appropriate placements.   So if you come to our farm to shop for chicks, bunnies, goslings, ducklings, expect not to rush in and rush out....We care about our babies and take their placement very careful.  Expect to learn and be able to ask questions and make informed decisions....This is an educational process.  We want our animals to thrive in their new home, so give yourself time to look and ask questions,  We will not rush you.  We're hear to help you... The picture is of me saying goodbye to Digital Photography by Christy, one of several photographers who bought Easter bunnies.   I take the time to let the babies say goodby to their bunny mothers and let the mothers know they are leaving, and then I kiss them and say a prayer over them with closed eyes.... praying over them and their new owners.   We love our babies and want you to love them a long time to, through the teen times and into adulthood and old age.  We are just as serious as when we sell ducklings, poults, keets or goslings... You see we love all our babies..