Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hi speed is sometimes too fast!

Have you ever found yourself just going too fast?   Making dinner with your cell phone on speaker phone, stirring two pots of food and checking a fragile baked item while trying to scan your e mail on the computer at the same time.   And this is the kind of pace you kept all day long. I do this far too often. 

I realized this morning I had been going too fast too often because.when I wanted to grind coffee, I didn't have a way to grind it, until I remembered I had a very old vintage coffee grinder never used by me, bought at a Thrift Store in Cobb County almost 13 years ago. (My electric one is reserved for grinding flax and my grind and brew coffeepot quit working after about 13 very hard months of a second lease on life)

Well, the grinder was layered in dirt and due to being stored in an unheated room, it was trying to corrode on the outside but IT was fully adjustable and operable.  After cleaning it and learning how to adjust the grinder for the grind I needed. I cranked the coffee and was fully into the experience of getting it done, the rich smell of coffee filled the air and it was so wonderful.  My mind drifted to remembering Granny grinding coffee on something that looked about like this....

I then realized I never smelled or experienced that coffee grinding so in a very noisy coffee grinder.   I feel like for about 5 minutes a day, that coffee making will be different the slower way.    I may even graduate over to using my blue campstove perculator, if I can find all the parts!!!

Slow down and enjoy some of the experiences of life.   Sometimes we save more than electrical energy by using our hands or simple tools.  We can save our sanity and "downgrade" our high speed to worrying about the speed and keeping some of the stress causing by multi tasking all day to a lower level as well.  So at the risk of being trite, please "Slow down and smell the coffee."   Literally and figuratively!

I'm sipping and my coffee and really smelling and tasting and enjoying it........SLOWLY.... Have a blessed day.