Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oh for the love of keets! We are getting a glorius rain, the first time in over 3 weeks. So I secured the house Ran to get the cell phone I had left on the bunny cages as I watched the lightning. Just when I though all was well, I thought of the porch and the babies on their brooders there. Ran to the porch and noticed what appeared to be 20 drowned 2 day old guinea keets. I ran with them rolled up in my shirt and looking for the bathroom heater. Gave it up and found my blow dryer, the thickest nicest towel in the house....I was crying and drying at the same time, no not like the Song Crying and driving...Prayed to God for help in their revival. I used my hair dryer that basically gathers dust and put it on high at first, but that was too powerful as they were being blown out of the towel in my lap as I sat on the floor. finally I got a system, patting them with one hand in the dry towel rotating them so all had their chance at heat... A couple of the friskier ones climbed up my back and surprised me.... That truly gave me hope. I watched them one by one come was so special to me. and I talked to them and told them I was sorry they had gotten wet. They were so little and so wet and so desperate for attention. Responded to my voice, touch and warmth and drying and love. I held the drier under my chin and have a small burn there but it was worth it. You see I had never really bonded with the guineas, I liked watching them but it was never an ah what a sweet bird reaction. Something about when you do special care for an animal you bound with them. But today is different, there might be 19 little babies who call me Momma. When I just checked on them in the brooder they all ran to the side where I was peaking. Sweet little loudmouthed keets!!!What fun there is on the farm and the many lessons I learn and Lord, Thank You for saving those little babies on the porch. I think this is one little flock I'm going to have to keep. The Revival flock shall stay..... Have a blessed day.