Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Famous Rooster Rangler and goose getter

Busy day moving some animals around.... The White Chinese that had been seriously hurt before Easter was returned to her her flock today. She was hard to catch to move. I admired her as I carried her. Those beautiful blue eyes but her neck still twisted and probably for life from her predator attack. I wanted to walk in their really large pen to be sure that she wouldn't be hurt. I listed to hubby and I'm glad I did as he told me to gradually let her join them. So she stood still for a minute as she couldn't hear them Then she started squawking. The others came out from under the bushes, private, etc and made a lot of sounds. I was so afraid that they would attack her but instead they looked at her and at first she moved slowly up a big hill and then really quickly. They retreated to the cool of the shade and she joined them....it was so beautiful. They certainly had not forgotten her. Bless you little gal....May you live a long and happy life.. Madam Courage!

 Now to the smelly side, moving 3 humongous roosters from an unbelievable long run that was muddy and other from recent rains! I finally got one in a corner, in this 2 foot high run, needless to say, in order to catch him with the net, I had to squat and lost the ability to walk like a Russian as he tried to escape I fell forward on my elbows and just barely missed landing my face in a lotta..........stuff. After capturing one rooster, the second and third were easier. I truly must have smelled just like them..... While they were in the carry pen inside of the wheelbarrow, they must have been planning escapes as one jumped on top of the other and pushed the door open. Got him in a bed of poison ivy. Pushed the wheelbarrow on, it got caught in a rut and out fell the whole pen and cage popped out. Jumped Over the top since it landed them on their heads, I had the advantage. I tried to be a Mutant Ninja or something like that and yelled "HiYa No body moves while pretending Some serious arm moves from a Jackie Chan movie. No one moved I don't know if they were stunned by me or the fall. Now My husband missed all this excitement and it is probably better as he thinks I was working...They went to their new chicken tractor with lots of pretty ladies and I had to go to the house to "rest" So yes work can be challenging physically and mentally on the farm. And oh how stinking things can be, but there's no rule we cannot have fun. So what's the moral of this tale? You have to take the good with the stinky stuff when you work on a farm..........Maybe that applies to anything - doesn't it!