Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fredster, Our Geriatric Rabbit & Tender Mercies

Fredster on His Healthy Day Miracle

Just about 10 days ago, my mind and heart were focused around our senior mini rex rabbit, Fredster, who appeared so frail that morning. Overnight the cold had come in, with high winds and a temperature drop of over 30 degrees from the day before and I was afraid he had caught quite a chill. He was huddled in the corner closest to the door as if to plea for help.  I held and craddled him and  I made him a big bed of hay, brought him leaves to make it soft after holding him and telling him I loved him.  Brought him some tender leaves from strawberry cuttings, lots more fresh fallen leaves which he normally loves to eat like paper chips, and other taste treats, checked him all over for trauma, made sure teeth were not off, nothing choking him,  no ear mites, food was fresh, water was good,or other problems, nothing. I thought to myself ‘he is "slowing down", which just shocked me to the core as he had never had a day of illness.   As I added his years up, I realized that he had been with us at the Garry Farm for almost 6 years and we have been his third home. I was told from his prior owner that she had him for three years and bought him from someone who had him for she thought a couple of years.   So Fredster is at least at 11 years old,  maybe more.  I knew on that first checkup that he was not suffering.  I petted him and touched any areas that might have been old age issues but no touchiness and no gritting of teeth which can come from rabbit if fearful or hurting.

I ran, tears streaming down my face,  to tell Jacque about him.   And I still remember him saying “well, maybe he just had a bad night’.    He promised to check on him. We prayed out loud over him and I know all during the day, Fredster was on my heart, soul and mind.  I was shocked as I added up all the years, that he was a minimum of 11 years old, because as late as this past Spring, he was a Daddy.  As I recall that colder morning thinking of him, of how overcome with love and appreciation for this rabbit.   He is always  the rabbit to come straight to me in the morning, more excited to see me than feed...   He has always been a calm one to sit in laps and been quite a love to us and many visitors to the farm. 

I checked on him several times that day and by evening he seemed better and the next day back to his hopping self.   So why the change?    I would say prayers were answered.    I know that I would never want Fredster or any of our pets to suffer.   That no matter how I personally feel, I want to be there and when it’s time for any of them to pass along, I pray it will be peaceful, painfree and that each will know that security and love.   That day, I thought about bringing him inside, but that would be selfish on my part.  He has always been outside. and if he could talk, I feel certain he would say no, let me stay here, I see leaves, my bunny friends around me and I am ok.   Right after he first looked so sickly and sat so quietly,  he looked around to his two friends on either side as and blinked at them as if to acknowledge them. 

Well,PTL,  Fredster remains alive and doing well.  I know that our Lord gives us many little miracles here on the farm.  Fredster's return to health was not through anything we did but it was of God. Thank you Lord for the years with Fredster and your tender loving mercies to give us these bonus days with his vigor restored.  That you have given us the privilege to tend these animals on your land.  Amen
Here's Fredster next to his bud, CocoaPuffs