Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bringing in the What???

Bringing in the What?????

Well, I think I was always a bit deaf, even as a child.....Or maybe I was proof that we hear what we expect to hear....

I "helped" Granny on wash day....I held one end of the sheets and she fed them through that wringer machine.....At first it was a hand crank and then electric when I was older.   It was scarier when I was older because she couldn't stop it quite as fast as a hand crank. So much for technology....I'm pleased to report, same 10 fingers, just a bit more worn for age and use and sun........But I digress, back to wash day at Granny's.

It was usually a day that was full of the smells of that borax soap that was scrubbed on colors and stains, maybe a little bluing too.....But my favorite was bringing in the laundry..... I would take it from the line and (I now suspect drag it in the grass a bit as I was short as a child and had to stretch so tall to get those lines!)  But Granny never complained!

Anyway, revivals had been going on that week and all I could think about was the songs from them......I loved to sing even then......  One day I just burst out with "bringing in the sheets, bringing in the sheets, we will come rejoicing bringing in the sheets".....

I've never seen my Granny laugh until she had to sit down and cry.....I thought she was sick....   I asked her what was wrong.   She never answered. She was so busy wiping her eyes as she laughed and cried at the same time.

It wasn't until I could read ....about 2 years later and I simply was astounded..What was a sheave anyway.... Made no sense..I still hang my clothes on the line and think of how proud Granny would be of our fresh aired and line dried clothes....  I think she would have gotten her laughing "spell" again if she could have seen the two lines in side the great room by the wood stove for hanging clothes and the Mud room with its lines all over it!

To the left of the stove, you'll see clothes hanging, they were moved to make a picture of the stove. Love that stove, heats the house, dries the clothes, bakes in the little oven on top and put stews in old iron dutch ovens.  Live simply and simply live!