Thursday, February 14, 2013

Failure to say the right words

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like you are waiting for the other shoe to drop? Or in the case of farmers, I should say waiting for the other boot to drop, I know that's probably not a current expression and you don't know what it means, just say so in the comments.  I or a reader can help you. Seems like a lot of that going on these past few days at the Garry Farm….

Rain rain, needed for the rain tables but so wet as to be most slippery and soggy.  Muck boots are NOW mucking! Difficult time to be outside working!  The Rains seem to have brought out all kinds of varments, as Granny would have called them.  Now she applied that term to both the mice and others who would try to invade her house, the foxes, wild dogs and others who would dare disturb her hens.But I believe she would have applied the term to the scalywags, as she called the n'er do wells she encountered. The men and women who traipsed her farm looking for no good. Now she was a kindly country woman but she did NOT cotton to varments.

More on varments: 
Lost a beloved precious partridge silkie to a beheading by a predator. awake 2 mornings to more noise, a baby possum was determined to have chicken for breakfast.  another large possum paraded.  Happily I report both failed. Hawks are flying low. You know when they fly because all the animals run to hide and they are quiet, very quiet as if hoping not to be heard.

Two gents came in the rainy, almost dark, meandering, saying wanted some hens to go with their Rhode Island Red Rooster.. Unexpected, out in the rain right before dark.  It didn’t feel right. My few years on our farm, my childhood experience and my female intuition said "SCALYWAG Varments"  My security radar went up & I sent them quickly on their way.  Aggravated and angry.  I was just laying down for a much needed nap when I heard their voices outside!  Our farm has been under siege by scalywags before when certain people tried to fill their trailer with our large goats and I know folks seem to want to take rather than work sometimes. And upon other occasions when a woman stuffed bunnies under a heavy coat and attempted to walk out.  Caught her and retrieved the precious babies and other times as well.

Picture would be of the kind of rooster that the gent varments needed a hen for ASAP !!!!!!!
Now, back to the gent varments,   I would have gladly fed those folks a meal, but honestly I wanted them off the property or offered real work to them for a day or so. But they didn’t look like they had missed a meal and I don't think they wanted to contribute to the well being of the farm.  I supposed if I had been a better and stronger woman, I should have asked, "Do you Need a Job"   or "Are you Hungry, do you Need food".   Or more Importantly this is what I failed to say , "Do you Need me to Pray for You?  Is there something you need in your LIFE right now?" My brain reacted before my soul! For that Lord, I apologize.  Technical details of increased Security for both human and animal varments but my soul is sad I missed an opportunity. .  Life is NOT perfect here but in the midst of all the varments + battling an Upper Respiratory Infection, there was Joy and Hope coming to the Farm, because in the midst of varments, innocent, precious baby goats were born. PTL! So for my praying friends, and I encourage all to pray over everything,  please pray especially in the future that I don't fail the right things in the future.   I missed a great opportunity. sigh.

Matthew 11:28 Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. King James Version, the one that Granny and I both loved and both memorized. Thank you Lord for rest you give us from trials and tribulations and for joy and hope as well. Please move my lips to seek to serve those who need you and may I not miss opportunities you put before me..Amen