Friday, October 3, 2014

What is this Celebration Cake of The Garry Farm All about.......??

Sometimes we need to celebrate life.   It may not always be the momentous beautiful wondrous birthday of age 84 where The Garry Farm celebration cake was delivered by her daughter Jane Griffin to her sweet mother Doris Chestnut in Alabama.  I hear that Doris enjoyed the love of her family but also her cake two times that day.

I can see where the gals in the family get their wonderful great looks, beautiful hair, face, smile, spirit of love and kindness and JOY!  All are natural beauties and I'm so glad to count them as special friends of The Garry Farm! Jane Griffin, I love your dedication & love you show to your mother and what a joy you are to me at market!  Always so enthusiastic and Joy filled!   and the love continues through to Nikki and her family too!

Then there is celebration of Zinnia's first birthday.... A special picture of her time with the candle, the cake and the camera!   Truly a farm birth and youngun and already helping mom and dad build their home!  Busy as a bee fits here and this picture of one of zinnias on the farm is a perfect match and have to share!

Please remember these little cakes are for celebrating lives.  Sometimes, we just need to celebrate the fact that we made it through the week ..... or even the hour...or to another benchmark year!

We have criteria for all the food made in The Cookery....  That it is made with Love and hand crafted in small batches, That it reflected natural goodness and simplicity and incorporated farm items and that our recipes are crafted and designed with joyful creativity.  This cake is moist and flavorful... Needs no topping but is happy toasted with preserves as a topping, or with a simple topping of fresh fruit, or even ice cream or cream/milk. SO like the small size as it is personal and assures we will savor the flavor without "over celebrating" So tomorrow we will be bringing 6 little cakes to market.... Who will celebrate with us?   Also bringing white chocolate chip cookies and amazing roasted red pepper cornbread featuring our cornmeal, local grown wheat berries, freshly ground in time for baking and also our roasted peppers! Recipes for the roasted red pepper cornbread are available. Most of ours are not.

Here's hoping you will enjoy your life.... Moment by moment and don't postpone all those pleasures until we are 100!  LITLA