Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ever want to "grow" your own Apple Cider Vinegar?

Here are the results of the first month of our growing.  The large disk that literally cover the top of the Apple cider are know as the "Mother".   I started each jar about 30 days ago with only a little mother from the Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar in apple juice.  I have not always aired it every day but it is most certainly NOW Apple Cider Vinegar grown on The Garry Farm and soooo delicious.   Jacque and I and the Chickens will all be enjoying the ACV.

ACV is full of natural properties that are so good for you.   ACV grows best in a dark place and should be aired daily and rocked back and forth so that the disk grows.   If you stir at first do so gently,  I prefer the rocking to stirring.   So what do you have growing????   ACV doesn't need to be refrigerated when ready..... You may move to a larger container and use the mother disk for the next batch! Sunlight does tend to negate many of its help

If you do want to drink it, recommend mixing with water as it's acidic...Do not use to can your pickles, etc as  you have no way to know its precise acidic value.

We like to use it in salad dressings and marinades, add a bit to tea and add to the chicken waterers as well.   Thank you Braggs for the experience!    
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