Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Giving Table, You never know what your anonymous gift might do!

We have a lovely table at our public convenience center.  I like to call it The Giving Table. Next to the large green dumpsters is a humble table a place for public recycling center table for the community who brings trash to feed the dumpsters.   A leave and take table with no check out, no fee for returning if the item just cannot be used.   100% satisfaction guaranteed, you may bring the item back if you don't want it, no questions ask, no receipt needed.

  • An expression of anonymous love to one another in our community.....   All kinds of treasures have been left there over time....    I've left books and also picked up books.   I left clothing that I hadn't been using in a while or perhaps never worn.  I smiled inside when I thought I saw a pretty shirt I once had in the closet getting dusty on a lovely lady.   One of the unposted but understood social rules is that THE GIVER never tells. I happily said "Beautiful shirt" and walked on.
  • The Table has generated smiles, chats and friendships and elevated the Status of the workers.  I cannot imagine working at a Convenience Center.  Day in & out picking up trash, broken glass, carelessly left out side the containers, being around the smell. Working for low pay. I have never appreciated these folks enough until we decided no garbage service for us at the farm, we will take our own trash.  What started as a money saving effort has indeed been an eye opener for me.
  • It is a spot of joy in an otherwise sometimes dreaded task! Instead of folks just dumping trash and leaving, Many walk over to look, leave, browse and Wave at the staff.   My favorite line is of course "You sure I don't need a receipt to refund"?   Toting garbage and being around garbage is not easy,.
  • What I like about this table is that it allows and encourages year round Sharing.  That one crockpot with the broken liner might match a liner outthere. It did for me!
  • It shows that our community is a Thrifty one.   The items on the table may not be a perfect, but it might be a treasure to the person who picks it up or receives it.  It might be a surprise gift to another person.   I have a dear friend who drops by recycled items.   And I love that surprise!  She knows me and our Farm well & has an eye for helpful things, plastic crates for toting vegetables, etc. 

Sometimes it is as if there was a giving Angel who knew that someone was coming by with a Special need...

A few months ago, I was wearing socks that were becoming thread bare in the heels and toes. Tried mending and doubling up socks, but painful to the feet.  I had had particularly challenging health days and was just not up to shopping for good socks.  Farmers wear out socks just walking for miles a day.  As hubby hoisted the trash into the green monsters.  I left a few surprises and open a particularly clean bag that had wonderfully clean socks carefully paired together and folded as neatly as if for a drawer.  The smell of Cashmere Bouquet wafted from the Bag, bringing back memories of my Granny.  As I picked up some of the socks and no, I did NOT take all of them, I was filled with so much gratitude as now I could enjoy some foot comfort without having to drive an hour and spend several hours shopping for those that fit well. 

Thank you Sock Angel whoever you were.   You really lifted my spirits, energy and feet that day!

  "So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver" (2 Corinthians 9:7).