Friday, January 11, 2013

Ode to The Garry Farm Dirty Windows & More

Ode to The Garry Dirty Windows and More

The farm house has dirty windows – inside and out

And The Garry Farm housekeeper is nowhere about

Said clean windows make her scream and shout


Mumbled something about rather be outside

“lowpaid housekeep ain’t got nothing to hide”


“But clean winders, she said “Make a Peeper be,

So now when they look, There’s nothing to see”


Said something about clean a tiny look hole in each one

To be able to look out, peep around , see the morning sun


And the little peeper hole could have a curtain of a little sticky

Just a little curtain for me to look out and see NO one yicky


Said she got her “great idear from them fancy store doors

Where you kin look to see out but no peepers, no more”


She minded me that home chores are called that for a reason

Would only again turn dirty again, every day & every season


Said a person do better to go outside and take a look

Or just sit in a corner n study the pages in a purty book


So don’t come alooking for the housekeeper today

She said something about leaving and going away


Will I miss her and cry – I think Not

Cause I think I paid just for what I Got


That housekeep she took the better road

Stepping outside her neglected abode


I’m washing a dime out of every winder, just enough for me to see

The Garry Farm so naturally dirty …That's where I’d rather be


Nancy Garry,   The Garry Farm  1/11/2013 Written at 4:55 am